Anti Slip Solutions For Your Business

At AntiSlip, we have taken floor Safety to the next level, not only do we make your walking surfaces safe, we can do this task unlike most other single and even dual product companies around the world. We supply and install a variety of industry unique anti slip coatings and related products for a wide variety of virtually all common walking surfaces such as Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Granite, Porcelain, VCT, Linoleum, sheet Vinyl, Polyurethane and even Epoxy floors .

It is often taken for granted that when we step into a bathtub or walk on a wet floor, chances are it will be slippery, thinking, “it won’t happen to me”. Sadly, slip-fall injuries do happen frequently. Unfortunately this could happen to you, a co-worker, a friend, or even a family member.

 To be SAFE we must adjust our way of thinking… to ensure safety in our homes and in the workplace we must be able to identify the problem & know there is something we can do about it.